Long time ago, chickens were wild animals, running around in their natural environment and scratching and foraging for food. Wiki User Answered . Bamboo is an important forage crop around the world for various animals, both wild and domesticated. Make sure that all of them are levelled the same height and avoid installing them one higher over the others because you can expect some … They are attractive plants and colorful and evergreen. So can chinchillas eat bamboo at all? 4. Sweet potatoes are a different matter all together, and can be given to your chickens without worry. Almost 100 percent of the giant panda’s diet consists of bamboo. Red junglefowl is foragers who will try pretty much anything at least once. To add to their coop’s environmental complexity, I add free mulch to the bottom of the structure to promote the natural behavior of scratching. That makes Free Range Husbandry so affordable. I think Bamboo is an excellent and underutilized general forage for animals. I live in North Carolina, this whole darn forest of bamboo was because the nursery that belonged here years ago had a mishap with potted bamboo and now years later there is a 3 acre forest. Their favorite food, however, is fruit. Bamboo is part of the grass family Poaceae and are flowering perennial evergreen plants.

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