>, By Nate Swick|2020-03-13T10:22:35-04:00March 13th, 2020|, Noteworthy birds in the ABA Area not practicing social distancing from ABA Area birders this week (I'm so sorry), include the the Siberian Accentor (ABA Code 4) in Washington, the Garganey read more >>, By Nate Swick|2020-03-06T11:04:05-05:00March 6th, 2020|, Still continuing into the first week of spring, at least meteorologically speaking, Garganey (ABA Code 4) in California, and the Caribbean pair of La Sagra's Flycatcher (4) and Thick-billed Vireo (4) read more >>, By Nate Swick|2020-02-28T11:40:36-05:00February 28th, 2020|. Florida’s 3rd record of Hammond’s Flycatcher had been masquerading as a Least Flycatcher in Collier for several weeks before someone noticed that the wings were a little too long. Also, Ash-throated Flycatchers spread across the continent and Evening Grosbeaks hit Florida! Yve Morrell. Check SD Birds and the ABA Rare Bird Alert group on Facebook [you must be logged onto Facebook for this link to work] to see if either bird is refound on the 20th. Thank you, Marie Read, for distilling your expertise and vision into such an accessible form in this terrific book. Each are loaded with gems of knowledge, practical ideas, and teeming with images to illustrate her points on these subjects. As a contrast with backyard bird photography, we also find a chapter on “Bird Photography Hotspots,” with 11 famous sites in North America detailed as well as a handful of briefer suggestions for well-known bird photography destinations and tips for finding your own target-rich hot spots. Each one of them took a whack at the Nov. 2019 Birding Featured Photo, and each one of them pretty quickly got around to [read more…], As we head into the end of 2019, there are still a handful of rare birds in the ABA Area to note. As is typically the case, we ease into the rare bird world at the top of the year. Editor's Note: The ABA is pleased to welcome American Bird Conservancy President Dr. George Fenwick to the blog to introduce the 5th International Partners in Flight Conference and Conservation Workshop, held this week in Snowbird, Utah. Big Years are monumental efforts of planning, networking, and birding. ABA Rare Bird Alert has 25,297 members. Newfoundland has had an excellent winter for read more >>, By Nate Swick|2020-01-24T15:00:03-05:00January 24th, 2020|. By Nate Swick|2020-09-19T10:27:08-04:00September 18th, 2020|. How to Know the Birds: No. In fact, much of the solid advice in this chapter can apply to improving one’s birding skills in general. After that, you can find everything at our main website. Want to easily find posts that mention ABA rare birds? Not much in the way of ABA rarities this week, but New Mexico saw the return of a [read more…]. Nate is an avi… California has both a Garganey (4) and a Red-footed Booby (4) and Florida birders have kept tabs on the continuing La Sagra’s Flycatcher (4) [read more…], The end of 2019 means that we’re coming to the end of the ABA’s 50th, looking forward to the our next 50. Over the intervening decade it has been an integral part of the American Birding Association’s outreach strategy, providing an opportunity to learn about field marks and rare birds, to hear from our staff and friends, and to organize conservation initiatives. IVORY GULL in Montana! I hope yours was good. The last chapter has lots of creative ideas for what to do with one’s photos now that all of the other steps from gear selection through editing have been thoroughly addressed. 48, Feeding Sparrows (and Owls). 212-979-3070 — to hear updated recordings of unusual bird sightings in Greater New York. Rare Bird Alert: November 27, 2020 Nate Swick 2020-11-26T15:25:55-05:00 November 27th, 2020 | It's La Sagra's season in south Florida, with a bird showing up right on time in the Florida Keys. By Nate Swick|2020-09-24T16:12:37-04:00September 25th, 2020|. Also 1st records for Michigan, Prince Edward Island, and possibly Virginia. Late winter is producing some interesting rare birds across the ABA Area. With a new presidential administration with new conservation priorities on the horizon, Tykee James of On Word for Wildlife joins us to talk about what birders and conservationists in the United States can expect in the next few months. Starting in January 2020, we will be doing something different. On the Surfbirds website. ABA Blog A multi-authored blog from the American Birding Association with a focus on all things birding. The ABA Blog launched all the way back in 2010 in a time of intense transition at the organization. Choose a … Get caught up at the ABA's Rare Bird Alert. The well-organized chapters and detailed table of contents will make this a useful reference to go back to repeatedly for tune-ups or to refresh one’s memory on a topic as well—I envision my copy becoming dog-eared over the years. Or it will be in a few hours. They’re wondering and sharing together about nature. Florida continues to host a Black-faced Grassquit (4)  and California read more >>, By Nate Swick|2020-10-23T09:47:27-04:00October 23rd, 2020|, Continuing rarities in the ABA Area come from the south, with the European Golden-Plover (ABA Code 4) in New Mexico still hanging on, and Northern Jacana (4) and Eared Quetzal (4) read more >>, By Nate Swick|2020-10-17T20:18:10-04:00October 16th, 2020|, As it has all summer and well into the fall, the southwest part of the ABA Area has been full of great birds. While I think that DSLRs indeed still offer the greatest photographic potential, new formats such as mirrorless interchangeable lens systems are fast approaching DLSR performance in a smaller package. This Rare Bird Alert is sponsored by The Linnaean Society of New York and the National Audubon Society. The book’s 16 well-organized and illustrated chapters comprehensively cover nearly every consideration of bird photography. Log in; Kk. Bill Schmoker is known in the birding community as a leading digital photographer of birds. And the month begins with a real bang in the form of Rhode Island's 1st Common Cuckoo, as well as 1st Yellow-eyed Junco for Kansas and Pacific Golden-Plover for Connecticut. There are some great ideas here for setting up what amounts to a wild bird photography studio right out the back door, and even though the examples may be specific to Read’s property, I’m sure folks’ minds will envision adapting the ideas to their situations. I love her opening statement that she considers “field craft, creative vision, and determination as contributing far more… than having the newest camera or biggest lens.” Read then states, and I fully agree, that photographers often want to talk about gear or get advice on what equipment to buy. It is rewarding to see your photos doing something besides languishing on a hard drive somewhere, so I applaud Read’s choice to finish with this topic and appreciate her concrete tips to put photos to use. Bill is a popular birding guide, speaker, and workshop instructor. List number one, on a single sheet of paper, offered some 50 birds books for sale. 2019 contenders are in bold. Updated on November 29, 2020, 5:05 pm | View page in digest format ("Siler-style"). Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include a Garganey (ABA Code 4) in California, both La Sagra’s Flycatcher (4) and Antillean Palm-Swift (5) in Florida, and a Streak-backed Oriole (4) continuing to visit a feeder in Arizona. Swallow-tailed Kites continue to make a major push into the northeast and Great Lakes, but the discovery of a Brown Booby on the Current River of Missouri, a state 1st, takes the cake as the bird of the week. 10 hours ago. ... (1/14). ... Rare Bird Alert: November 1, 2019. As more birders count their camera along with binoculars and scope as essential field gear, many begin by grabbing shots without much thought other than centering the bird as best they can and pushing the shutter, often using the camera’s auto mode. Famously gregarious, Cedar Waxwings are all about community. Please note that due to staff working from home and the holiday season, orders will not be shipped until the first of the year. But the internet is a different place these days and media consumption has changed. You’ll still hear from all of us. Jay Lehman. Ranging from online sharing and making cards or calendars to entering contests and giving talks, I quite enjoyed this section as a beautiful way to wrap up the whole package presented in this book. The American Birding Association (ABA) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1969, dedicated to recreational birding in Canada and the United States. Over the intervening decade it has been an integral part of the American Birding Association’s outreach strategy, providing an opportunity to learn about field marks and rare birds, to hear from our staff and friends, and [read more…] It's a great week for wayward flycatchers in the ABA Area, with Variegated Flycatcher in Ontario, Cuban Pewee in Florida, and Newfoundland's 1st record of Vermilion Flycatcher. The Accentor appears to be pretty pretty reliable these days, which is fantastic for all the birders who have made the trip to see this stunning east Asian vagrant. The ABA Blog will be archived at the end of the month. Blog Birding #340 Jessica Gorzo , at her eponymous blog, collects a comprehensive list of onomatopoetic bird names , including a few you might not have suspected. Press J to jump to the feed. The ABA Blog launched all the way back in 2010 in a time of intense transition at the organization. Birders, too, are frequently a social bunch. And yes, you can subscribe to the entire feed just like you did before. List number one, on a single sheet of paper, offered some 50 birds books for sale. The bird is quite close, as the plover flies, from an individual in extreme southwestern Washington a few weeks ago, and birders have speculated that this might be the same bird having relocated across the mouth of the Columbia River. Hurricane Sally made landfall this week, bringing Mississippi's 1st record of Red-footed Booby with it. 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