Lansing East Lansing > Venues > Restaurant > Blue Gill Grill > Suggest Correction Blue Gill Grill Haslett < Back to Blue Gill Grill Haslett. It's been nice weather so their garage doors have been opened allowing a fresh breeze to come in. Click for booking information. Both were very good. Unfortunately the 6 top was under a TV...More, We've been there a couple times the past few weeks and each time the drinks, food and service have all been great. (517) 339-4900. No, we can't count either! It looks like...More. Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant? On Saturday's check out the live music, with no cover! We will like to go back. Nonetheless, I found the food to be marginal. With lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. Was a pleasant day so this was enjoyable. One Pound $18.99. Ask your server anyway. Children are more than welcome to dine at this restaurant, where there's something for everyone on the menu. The Blue Gill Grill is a restaurant located near Lake Lansing in Haslett that offers a. Had it not been so cold, would have walked out closer to the lake. Whether you’re simply looking for a great-tasting and reasonably priced meal, or you’re looking for a place to host your next event, the Blue Gill Grill … Oysters, shrimp and fish. US > Lansing East Lansing > Venues > Restaurant > Blue Gill Grill > Photos Blue Gill Grill Haslett < Back to Blue Gill Grill Haslett. I don't drink. Half Dozen $Market Price. Topped with a ladle of Chef Prince's rich and creamy red-eye sausage gravy. Chopped and grilled chicken in our spicy buffalo sauce, layered with cheddar-jack cheese in a toasted flour tortilla. The Blue Gill Grill is an award winning restaurant. Canon 5d Mark Iv Guide, Violin Sheet Music App, Kershaw Blur S30v Hardness, Bishop Auckland Flag, Beluga Whale Skeleton Legs, Dryer Knob Hard To Turn, Eggshell And Coffee Ground Compost, Web Architecture 101, Do Digestive Biscuits Make You Poop, " />
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