jtinkleburt New Member. I can't speak to their experience but on my Epi the fretboard feels great and has no issues. Let's check it out with Max Carton Guitar! On eBay they go for around 25K or more. They have a push-pull coil tap feature, which adds a little versatility. Here you've just assumed it without any evidence at all. While, admittedly, things get a little murky when trying to figure which woods guitars companies decide to use on which guitars, I think it is safe to assume the woods used in the Gibson version are of higher quality than the G-400 version. I have long been of the opinion that you don't need to spend a bunch of cash to grab a great guitar, and I think Epiphone is one of those brands that proves my point. OK another couple of differences I have noticed: 1. The bridge and tailpiece on both are pretty much equal as far as I can tell. Are you one of those players? Hello, I discovered something strange: According to the photos on Epiphone's own site and also on various retailer's sites, the Epiphone SG Vintage G-400 worn cherry seems to have neck binding, unlike all other (non-Ltd. or signature) Epi SG models, including the more expensive G-400 Pro, and even the same model (Epiphone SG Vintage G-400) in worn brown. Of course Gibson has the edge here.". absolutely magic.&my 16yr old gradnson has just bought a epiphone sg pro. Otherwise, unless somebody understands what to look for they probably won’t know or care if you are playing an Epiphone or a Gibson. Gibson uses rosewood for the fingerboard, while Epiphone has switched to pau ferro. i was looking at the 1966 Epi G400 and a Gibson SG Standard. 7. The reason I find this so exciting is not just because I have as deep a passion for CNC technology as I do guitars, but because this is a totally revolutionary approach to doing accurate fretwork and it’s accurate to the micrometer. If you’re already sold on the price to performance ratio of the Epiphone, or not really interested in why Gibson plays so nicely, please skip ahead to the conclusion. 5. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Angus Young of AC/DC use this axe, showing it’s quality of design. "Construction will certainly be, on average, higher-quality when it comes to Gibson instruments. First, the guitar has a jig put on the headstock and bridge area, and is then inserted into the machine. Channeling the same legendary instruments used by the likes of Jimmy Page and Angus Young, the Epiphone G-400 Pro SG gets you a solid mahogany body and pair of The Epiphone G-400 Pro SG Electric Guitar gets you legendary sound in an affordable package. The choice is yours, and either will get you a phenomenal guitar. Both the Airwave and the Bayonet have a unique sound that’s meant to pay homage to the glory days of classic rock. The Strat's been too overrated I guess. Tools Used To Measure Organizational Performance, Potato Soup For Gastritis, Terraria Luck Potion, Do Bees Have Livers, Handsome In Zulu, Samsung Model Ne59r4321ss Reviews, " />
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