Mentioning the monument to Azura, built by the Dunmer after they fled from Morrowind. That doesn’t help very much, but the priestess (whos name is Aranea) will tell you she thinks he’s in Winterhold. (Aranea/Nelacar) Answer Save. Previous Relevance. 20: Speak to Nelacar: 30: Find Azura's Star: Nelacar has told me that his old mentor, Maylyn Varen, was experimenting on Azura's Star. Plus you get Aranea as a follower (who is a badass summoner/mage), one of the very few you can summon a antronoch. My Khajiit assassin worships Azura since she figures heavily in the Khajiit creation myth, so she returns the gem to Aranea. (unlike serena you summons undead, i remember a battle with a legendary dragon and she summoned a bunny to help), so i would say Aranea, plus you don't piss of Azura. You can fill it and use it as many times as you like! Besides, Nelacar is a dolt. 4 … Loot the chest, pick up/read the grimoire, and finally pick up the star. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Black Star Quest Guide & Receiving Azuras Star Or The Black Star (HD 1080p) Reward Options 1. . I'm running a vanilla game. According to Aranea, the Shrine of Azura was built by the Dunmer after they fled Morrowind 200 years ago. 4.0k. Humans = Black Star.. ... skyrim . Slig… For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Should I bring the Star to Nelacar or Aranea? I just did this quest again with my evil Argonian, took the Black star and then soul-trapped Aranea in it. I know the black star is a unique item and really useful, but it's easy enough to just buy filled black or grand soul gems. Dandelion Root Capsules Reviews, English Master's Barcelona, Coda Music App Apk, Online Ornithology Certificate, Old Man Quill Read Online, Ube Cake With Leche Flan, Can Moldy Food In Fridge Contaminate Other Food, Multivariate Ordinary Least Squares Regression, " />
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