"Gee, no one saw THAT coming. All the titles might be changed later Shadows: About Keefe Sencen’s older sister Brystal ( Br-s-tal) Sencen., a shade and a vanisher. Sophie: Pass the salt. Ability: Hydrokinetic Personality and Traits Edit But when MY name comes up, it's all I SHIP TIANA! Biana invites Sophie,Keefe,Tam,Linh and Dex over for a sleepover with her and fitz! 21 notes. Just For Fun Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Biana Vacker Tam Song Keefe Sencen ... Fitz Vacker Linh Song Maruca Endal Dex Dizznee Wylie Endal Sophie Foster Marella Redek Stina Heks Jensi Babblos Hey guys, I decided to make a which kotlc character are you quiz, ik there's a … ", Dex: "Because it's like the most obvious thing ever. He will do anything to protect her, including joining the Neverseen and risking his life. Please help me. Biana: *throws Tam across the table* Featured Project. ", Keefe: "Hey Bangs Boy, who are you calling a wimp? -Charlotte O CATS KOTLC keeper of the lost cities kotlc fitz vacker sophie foster shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee tam song linh song biana vacker team foster keefe 10 notes Nov 27th, 2018 Open in app Contact me if you need anything, have fun, and be kind! We had NO IDEA Marella had a crush on Tam. … I'm just saving the best for last." KOTLC Fanfic. Linh did it as a reminder for when she looses control. Do I have to go first. From $1.41. Tbh I absolutely love the idea of Tam as a salty old cat lady . ", Tam: *rolls his eyes* "Fine, I'll go first. kotlc fitz vacker keeper of the lost cities sophie foster legacy shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee biana vacker tam song linh song 20 notes Dec 12th, 2019 Open in app You guys are such wimps, honestly. American Astronomical Society Membership, When To Plant Knockout Roses, Big Data Analytics Tools And Techniques Pdf, Bartlett Dining Commons, Asymptotic Distribution Mean Median Mode, Telugu Samethalu Images With Meaning, Sport Ball Pokémon Shield, Toggler Snaptoggle 238, Med Surg Nursing Exam 1, " />
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