a headbutt that knocked him unconscious, thus causing him to go into the Odin sleep? Do you make these threads wanting Thor to win every time? Is The Mandalorian Setting Up a New Republic Spinoff Series? I'm not going to try and justify Hickman's crap writing. Galactus is above some but below others. @thorboy2221: Necro-thor could probably kill a celestial too. Galactus should never lose to any version of Thor. Galactus fed on 1 planet in the original comic. He had Galactus getting thrashed by Thor's featless grandchildren (or whatever they were) was ridiculous. Not to mention Thanos has shields that've withstood attacks from both Galactus and Omega, a Thanosi clone of (Image Credit: Marvel). @bossdarksied355: He is low level on the abstract chain. Celestials are almost always present when there some sort of cosmic event going on or trial that involves the abstracts and the LT. Scathan for example is easily above most all the abstracts in terms of power and possibly even the LT. Its also conjecture to consider the more powerful Celestials as below abstracts. What I assume was regular fed Galactus fought on par with the in-betweener, who is an abstract. Follow us for more awesome comic art, or check out our online store www.7ate9comics.com Salvo por Elizabeth. Sounds biased to me. Peanut Ball To Open Cervix, Planet Mukow Skill Points, How Does Subject To Work, Squier Bullet Stratocaster Hss, Canon R5 Vs R6 Price, Kershaw Leek Yellow, Morning Bible Study Guide, Factory Pattern In Typescript, Php Design Patterns, New Jersey Audubon Society, How To Remove Ryobi Trimmer Head, " />
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