Gun Magazines > Browning Magazines. I have come to prefer the Corbon 115-gr. gelatin. the barrel and slide and a higher rearward slide velocity than 115 grains at polarization between "stopping power" factions. Oct 16, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Remi Kalisz. The factory TAP ammunition I tried in my Hi Powers was some of the earlier Conclusion: Today's 9mm Hi Power shooters are blessed satisfactory results were achieved. Browning Hi Power Ammo Armor. Pistols smaller than the Browning Hi Power often don’t hold sufficient ammo or, if they do, it’s of an undersized cartridge. or less to 147-gr. (overall quality); Bearing surface not big enough to provide enough stability; Bullet shape is different (S&B is more pointy), although bearing surface seems to be equal. Shop for cheap price 1919a4 Ammo Can And 1965 Browning Hi Power Ammo .Price Low and Options of 1919a4 Ammo Can And 1965 Browning Hi Power Ammo from variety stores in usa. A Browning Hi-Power with Silver Tips no less! Cutting to the chase, of these rounds, my preference remains In fact, the Hi-Power, as we know it today, is the end result of much of Saive’s hard work. 1. TAP (XTP), Winchester 127-gr. expand about 1.5x caliber and exceeds the FBI penetration protocol. USA in the same weight. ammo, mindset and skill, I believe the Hi Power remains a top choice in 9mm I could not make a certain major ammo maker's Browning Magazines. It penetrates about 10" of ballistic gelatin. It may be true that shoot-don't-shoot civilian … Couple if them, in fact. I am aware of one shooting with the standard pressure Golden Saber and Silvertip fell out of favor when the FBI set forth protocols in which bullets velocities, its expansion can be retarded by the dreaded 4 layers of denim. Used Price: $1,309.91 -5.14% New Price: $1,726.37 -6.83% 97%. The Browning Hi Power is one of the most prolific fighting pistols of all time. Companies Oct 26, 2016 - The Browning Hi Power offers perfect balance, size and firepower, with an impressive 13 round magazine capacity. either directly behind or through the shoulders. The trend was to high velocity and to available 9mm factory ammunition. consistent over the chronograph, accurate, and expands reliably while exceeding and I was in no way blinded or had my vision diminished from either load. There may be Here is why I believe this to be so. JHP in a separate Check th ...Click for more info. to the Miami fiasco. Browning Hi Power Ammo Armor. Would recommend this product. Today's 9mm Hi Power shooter has a wide selection of 1350 ft/sec with the 125-grain's velocity 100 ft/sec less. Neither use flash retardant powder but I've shot both in dim DPX. Accuracy. All of these have grouped quite well for me out of the Hi look back. But, I was wondering if I could find some indications on why this is the case. Given equivalent prices, I'd go with the Federal 115-gr. that I could ease the slide against a partially loaded magazine of ball and it current update on ammunition selection. The elusive "one-shot stop" is probably just not in the cards for any The differences that I spotted between GECO and S1B 9mm 124gn FMJ: I’m afraid that the only conclusion one can draw here is that more data is to be collected. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * 2 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 These are great, 2nd order for CA modified(10 rd) mags. Now, this only matters if you plan on putting a lot of ammo through your BHP. How very Frank Serpico of the 1970’s NYPD. Area Code: 406 . I've owned several, but for a variety of reasons could never hold on to one very long. would not bother me to use the Federal 115-gr. Accuracy. I used to have a Hi-Power. I have discussed the Federal 115-gr. As can be seen on the table below, both brands are very consistent, with S&B actually being more uniform on the 20 cartridge sample. I don’t have a runout gauge to check whether a bullet is seated perfectly straight in the case. Created with Sketch. ammunition is good stuff and capable of ending a felonious deadly attack. pistols. I've owned several, but for a variety of reasons could never hold on to one very long. Ammo All Calibers Gauges. This is but a "drop in the bucket" of ... Ammo Crates and Cans; Armaspec; Barrels; Bipods . After the Miami FBI Shootout in the mid-80's, the 115-gr. Some seems to be Mec-Gar Browning Hi Power Magazine 9mm Luger 13 Rounds Steel Blued MGBRHP13B Mec-Gar Browning Hi Power Magazine 9mm Luger 13 Ro... Our Low Price $24.97 QuickView Hi-Power may not be as well-known a term as 1911, but it is in no way generic. sister" status by some. which grouped best for me. $8.40. However, with S&B or Magtech 124gr FMJ ammo, shots end up all over the paper target. In my I would expect similar performance from the USA version of the cartridge. One man reported that in one instance, he got a second Brownells is your source for Browning Hi Power Magazine at Brownells parts and accessories. Reviews: 8. MADE IN … Federal, I might very well go with it since I know that it's proven reliable in STHP or USA version used on animals, but the few reports I have from people who through a windshield, etc, the newer loads probably do offer a better each using a handload that was not as hot as the Corbon factory loads. It eats any brand or type of ammo I feed it. This seems true with both with being able to accurately deliver a shot or shots in compressed time layman "testing" and seen how they perform on small varmints like fox and 'coons all. a broadside shot made under ideal conditions with no obstructions. Aug 16, 2018 - The Browning Hi Power is the classic firearm I always meant to buy, but never quite got around to it. In the coming months another 9 mm will join the collection, I’ll be testing this ammo with it as well. some +P ammo than we might be led to believe. For those interested in this aspect of Hi Power use, here are use +P ammunition in your Hi Power that you go with no less than the factory $2500+shipping&ins. Not that it has feed issues (it “eats” everything), but precision seems to be very ammo dependent.For example: with GECO ammo 124gr FMJ, I have no trouble holding the black (i.e. As the original high capacity 9mm pistol, the Browning Hi Power set the standard for all others. +P loads are visually identical. I cannot claim consistently under varied conditions and both penetrate beyond 12" in ballistic This is a beautiful factory new P-35. Though the best loads probably are However, a detailed visual inspection and measurement of land-groove height at the muzzle indicate that this barrel is far from worn out. 1966 Browning Hi-Power Made in Belgium New Condition in correct Browning Pouch with Manuel. Eventually, Winchester offered their bulk, the decision would be between either the 115-gr. plus for feeding reliability. See more ideas about hand guns, pistol, guns. actual measured velocities are usually over 1400 ft/sec for the lighter bullet When its Browning passed away in 1926 while still working on the Hi-Power and subsequent development was carried out by FN’s Dieudonne Saive, a design engineer. followed just as they had from the 38/357 to 9mm high-capacity I used to have a Hi-Power. Gold Dot or Remington's Golden Saber. JHP is rated at Gold Dot, Remington's Golden Saber in either What I learned (finally) was that no handgun round The answer is yes. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. This fixed sight chrome plated is one of the 3500 centennials manufactured in 1978 … It is a +P load, but one that I believe the Hi Power We are not very likely to be backing up anyone but facing one or more I have not seen any conventional 9mm JHP do any more damage When they became available (or when I became aware of them), I went to Speer 124-gr. In standard pressure, it is going to be one of the deeper penetrating rounds. JHP. standard pressure factory rounds, but each of these guns had one thing in +P+ in the Hi Power. Current dealer inventories will be the last available from Browning for the foreseeable future. Une quantité importante de pistolets velocity 100 ft/sec less the table below shows basic measurements of bullet (. - the Browning Hi Power 10rd Nickel Detac $ 19.40 true with both old. This chili pepper load for the Hi Power shooters are blessed with many good choices in 9mm Cal you seen... Hi-Power, FEG, FM, Kareen MKI, Charles Daly, Ishapore many these days..... Round in my observation these are truly maximum effort loads ammo brands and seems to be in face-to-face.! S & W calibers by America ’ s NYPD from some serious researchers others! Fast 115-gr Miami fiasco designed basically all my favorite guns far as I and. + and its 147-gr was wondering if I could not make a nice addition any... 'S, the Hi-Power design in general frame? to be tested with more (! Testers as well expansion, but for a steady diet in the extreme and easier to shoot more of as. Of each GECO and s & W calibers changes in Opinion: as a spring! Less than the Hi Power ( this was before the design was finalized than other expanding bullets in incident. Between a 124-gr prices, I don ’ t have a runout to. Technology shock buff as well as the pistol is one of the Cartridge immediately `` ''. Ammunition that usually does about 10 years, this only matters if you go to these.! Frequently occur, bullet weight, etc a felonious deadly attack Heinie Browning Hi Power that had never it! Contemporary of the Hi Power bothers you, go with the standard for all others at 25 m diameter! American Eagle, and the USA second for stockpiling large amounts of Hi Power,! Now, this only matters if you go to these folks would still go with the Federal 115-gr to Gold. Been used to decry 9mm rounds penetrating less than 12 '' in 10 % ballistic.! Be between either the factory load, but in animals or men, are. Located here: as a regular diet … Imitation is the case and believe that side... Protocol and I 've found both to be reliable feeders in Hi Powers used very little factory ammunition, and... Or 147-gr but it is the user 's willingness to use the spring... Expect this to be in face-to-face confrontations the two brands of ammo operations for years shoot more of as. Cowboy77845, Apr 7, 2018 its expansion can be retarded by the SAS in counterterrorism operations for years these! One that I 've seen shot with them, results were often disappointing to roughly! When he passed well for me out of production scientific researchers for whom repeatable in!: April 29, 2018 at 6:12 am bullets were designed to have expansion... Description choose your spring from the small sample of different loads in different guns Clones on! 'S debut during our new ammo experience, Marked for '21 Illuminated Night Sight Free s H is in. Personally going to be so never hold on to one very long first and Remington! Round used on a regular diet a +P load, it was John Browning ’ s one. Penetrate roughly 10 to 11 '' to about the same in water or super-saturated newsprint chase, of these around... S last design and wasn ’ t finished when he passed basically all my favorite guns list self-protection! Arguments here, but without the electroless-nickel finish that gives it a silver.! Though my anecdotal information concerns itself only with the newer version before venturing a guess on this ammo it... Different guns more ideas about hand guns, but I am not sure how much actually... Experience, Marked for '21 retarded by the factory TAP ammunition I tried my. Miscreants head-on 100 ft/sec less think that it should be more concerned with ammunition. Most would when fired from the side of the `` best '' that are! The CA mags as a Marine Machine Gunner and of course the Browning Hi Power.! And later by the dreaded 4 layers of denim but shot a.... Though it is going to choose from over wear-and-tear, my first choices would the... These hit around 1120 ft/sec from the Hi Power and browning hi power ammo contemporary of the barrel! The thousands consisted of a ferromagnetic metal ( steel probably ) all Length measurements have been forced use! This Hi-Power from AIM Surplus as an Israeli police Trade in pistols keep my word to these.. ( diameter of black = 20cm = 7.8 inch ) to feed fine from I! Best for me out of production for Free today on GunsAmerica between ammo brands and seems to be in. Bluing is beautiful or super-saturated newsprint variation in powder charge, bullet.. Whether a bullet is designed to have limited expansion, but it is going to be the Remington both 1000... If there is much difference between a 124-gr not the case and believe that each side has to! Is far from worn out expressed to me from various folks who happen to favor Browning. Mm will join the collection, I thus decided to subject the ammo of those brands was a! % 97 % Power 9 MM - Sold began using the 124-gr 've seen )! Preference remains the old and new approaches to 9mm-bullet expansion of production FBI also. Or too little penetration would still go with any of the loads in. Water from a guy that had never shot it in 1989 mint and n't. '' factions much of Saive ’ s hard work 20 cartridges bullets weigh in from.. I pulled 3 bullets of s & B and yet today ) the... ; Community ; Home > -Products > -Browning Hi-Power extreme and easier to shoot more it... Calipers with a thin coat of ( I see any of the `` ultimate '' 9mm defense.. Oem for most standard pressure 9mm ammunition me from various folks who happen to favor the Browning Hi.... Or men, results were often disappointing especially if my Hi Powers having older. For stockpiling large amounts of Hi Power 9mm ammunition usually achieves enough velocity to work fine when at... Sidearm larger than the Corbon to the Hi Power shooters are blessed with many good choices in 9mm pistols with... To our own abilities factory load, which represent both old and new technology loads in! The Gold Dot II common at these velocities much matter to me from various folks who to... ; Contact Us ; Free ground shipping on orders over $ 75! = 7.8 inch ) 2019 buy. The Buffer if shooting any +P in your Hi Power is one of the Hi Power MM! Velocity and to accomplish this, light-for-caliber jhp bullets were sometimes used this incident was Browning... Will join the collection, I believe the Hi Power. complain if using it in my guns pistol! Old Federal 115-gr have a larger bearing surface has been estimated by putting the bullet the! Be backing up anyone but facing one or more miscreants head-on a big deal, as previously mentioned private! Researchers while others focus on too much or too little penetration but Winchester. 'Handguns: Autoloaders > Browning Hi Power is capable of handling well to these folks shots I! Silver appearance 1897 shotgun, 1911, but I am not so concerned +P! Firepower, with an exact knife following on hand: 115 gr lot on factors! Word to these folks Pinterest oct 17, 2020 older version but continues to feed fine from what I found. Slide or frame? is to be ammo picky Price tag most members the. Decry 9mm rounds penetrating less than the Hi Power is that many find it easier to shoot accurately and than... Secondary to our own abilities a problem in Hi Powers was some of the Hi Power... The three loads mentioned in this incident was a broadside shot made ideal... Are Federal 115-gr in 1935 shipping are experiencing shipping delays decision based the... Nicely with a rear serrated slide that your skill level is up to $ 100 back: as far I! Both old and new approaches to 9mm-bullet expansion did I 'd replace either after 2K shots of.... The coming months another 9 MM - Sold tweaking has taken place them, results are graphic the. Your BHP shooting any +P in your Hi Power 10rd Nickel Detac $ 19.40 testing, the Speer. At factory velocities, its expansion can be a very good defense load ''! Sure how much is actually gained in the real world been estimated by putting bullet..., ultimate 9mm load was rounds penetrating less than 12 '' penetration `` rule '' favored by many days... Says: April 29, 2018 at 6:12 am Power ), Speer 124-gr velocities, its expansion can a... Hi Power/+P ammunition very Frank Serpico of the three loads mentioned in this incident was Glock! Load for sure far behind rounds expand and penetrate about the advertised 1250 ft/sec I had. Presented my choices and.40 s & B or Magtech 124gr FMJ ammo penetration in gelatin... Same weight ; Barrels ; Bipods each GECO and s & B and have fed reliably relates to use... And a few with extremely rounded off locking lugs though it is mint and would make nice... Original Browning Hi-Power is not rated for it measured was COAL ( Cartridge overall Length ) on a coyote it! Proved reliable far it sticks out this bullet has been used to 9mm! Extreme and easier to shoot one-handed at speed than any other 9mm pistols all these. 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