300, and Ultra balls for CP > 600. If it's night, bring Dusk Balls to use as well. Hareta vs. Like in the anime, Mikey owns an Eevee in The Electric Tale of Pikachu. In Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!, the player starts with a special Eevee known as a Partner Eevee. Of the ones that we haven't seen, I'd especially love to see a Dragon-type, Ghost-type, and Flying-type Eeveelution. In The Battling Eevee Brothers, Mikey was hiding his Eevee from his three older brothers because they wanted him to evolve it just like they did to their own Eevee. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. The first is to use a lure. So far, five evolutionary forms have been discovered and then catalogued for this unique Pokémon; Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon. However, when Mikey's Eevee single-handedly defeated Team Rocket, Sparky, Rainer, and Pyro accepted the fact that Mikey wanted to keep his Eevee just the way it is. When does it appear? Is it in dark grass or light grass or both? Gladion's Eevee appeared in a flashback in A Glaring Rivalry!. If you pair that potential with its adorable features, it's no wonder Eevee is so popular! Eevee. #133 Type Abilities Hidden Ability Mega Ability Gender ratio Catch rate Breeding Hatch time Height Weight Base experience yield Leveling rate EV yield Body style Footprint Pokédex color Base friendship Cry Eevee is a Normal-type Pokémon. The Hero and Heroine both have an Eevee in Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition ~ Ranse's Color Picture Scroll ~. karrybird Voiced by. Eevee has the most evolved forms of any Pokémon and is the only Pokémon that has more than three evolved forms. Also, like Eevee, Pokémon Sword gets shafted with a 1% chance to find Trapinch, while Pokémon Shield gets the higher 5% chance. A Trainer's Eevee appeared in I Choose You!. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. 45 Abilities. Early on your mission will be to go to a Pokemon Ranch. Bear in mind, if you haven't been here before, Iris will be there and so will Hugh, your rival. Use this same Capturing Technique for the easiest possible captures.) Able to evolve into any of three highly distinct, advanced forms. A Thunder Stone yields Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon. In A Talent for Imitation!, Team Rocket attempted to steal a Trainer's Eevee with the help of a Ditto, but they failed after Ditto's Transform didn't work completely. Jump to: navigation, search ← Ditto (#132) Eevee (#133) Vaporeon (#134) → Eevee #133 Type Catch Rate 45 Abilities Hidden Abilities RunAway Adaptability: Anticipation: Level Range in Wild Gender Ratio 10-15: 87% ♂, 13% ♀ Mountable Egg Group No: Field: Contents. The first episode debuted after Lillier and the Staff!. Mikey and his Eevee appear in the chapter To Evolve or Not to Evolve, That is the Question!. Two Trainers' Eevee appeared in A Young Royal Flame Ignites!. The experiments gave Eevee the characteristic of being able to mutate into three of his evolved forms, namely Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon and revert, though he still requires the energies of an Evolution stone. It is the starting Pokémon and first Pokémon employee of the player in Pokémon Café Mix. About how long would it take to just find one of these Pokemon? In The Final Four!, a Trainer's Eevee was near Team Rocket's food truck. 3. An Eevee appeared as an image in A Performance Pop Quiz!. While there are 18 different Pokémon types, only half of them have received an affiliating Eevee-related evolution. It has the potential to evolve into any one of three different Pokémon. An incomplete Catchbot Upgrade Stats table was added. Squirtle’s tackle moves include Aqua Tail and Water Pulse, while its Water-type-friendly moves include Aqua Jet, dealing significant damage to Fire-, Ice-, Steel-, and Water-type Pokémon. A Trainer's Eevee appeared in Alola, Kanto!. No further explanation needed.". In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! I am playing Pokemon Black on my DS and I don't see the side dock. Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition ~ Ranse's Color Picture Scroll ~. But catching them in game in their evolved form is a completely different story. These design elements were likely taken from the anime, which implemented similar traits starting in Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire. All evolutions have special benefits. Quick Balls work best at the beginning of the battle. Its ability to evolve into many forms allows it to adapt smoothly and perfectly to any environment. In the present day, it has evolved into an Umbreon. Eevee is rarely found in the wild and is mostly only found in cities and towns. You can explore the area to find an Eevee. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. For Eevee, the magic numbers were 50 and 100. Coconut's Eevee falls in love with Lu, who confesses her own love to Eevee before moving away. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. A Water Stone yields Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon. 25 → (random)25 + 10 km + → 25 + 10 km + → 25 + → 25 + →. You have a 14.815% chance of capturing it per ball. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Anticipation: Spawn time. You cannot get Eevee in Black or White; it must be Black/White 2. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. An Eevee appeared in Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?, under the ownership of a child. When she used her in a battle against Team Flare, she evolved into a Sylveon. In Turning Heads and Training Hard!, Kagetora's Eevee was defeated in a battle by Ilima and his own Eevee. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, and a small black nose. Like the spawn rate of each Pokemon, and the way you catch it. Partner Eevee has higher base stats and access to moves that normal Eevee do not. PAL: This adorable Normal-type Pokémon's ability to evolve in so many different ways makes it a popular choice with trainers. Five Trainers' Eevee appeared in A Shocking Grocery Run!. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Eevee can also be gotten through quests such as in the Route 3 Secret Grotto and Find Me. Yes it would. Even a Pokeball can be used once it's weak. Never mind. Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Recommended items to farm and use during Eevee Community Days. Eevee Evolution Trick Guide: Names To Evolve Eevee. National № 133: Type: Normal: Species: Evolution Pokémon: Height: 0.3 m (1′00″) Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) Abilities — Local № 133 (Red/Blue/Yellow) 180 (Gold/Silver/Crystal) 133 (FireRed/LeafGreen) 163 (Platinum) 184 (HeartGold/SoulSilver) 091 (Black 2/White 2) 077 (X/Y — Coastal Kalos) 123 (Sun/Moon — Alola dex) 153 (U.Sun/U.Moon — Alola dex) 133 (Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee) An Eevee appeared during the Mega Audino journal in A Race for Home!. The Partner Eevee has purple eyes and a lighter shade of fur. 0 kg {{{form3}}} 0 lbs. Catch Combo: Shiny Rate: Shiny Rate With Lure: Shiny Rate with Shiny Charm: Shiny Rate with Shiny Charm and Lure: 0-10: 1 in 4,096: 1 in 2,048: 1 in 1,365.3: 1 in 1,024 That Egg hatched into an Eevee in Time Warp Heals All Wounds. 20.57% (Only if pokemon in water!) wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. But the only way to find it is to use the Dexnav. There are only a few alive. Field : Hatch time. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, and a small black nose. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. The Pokeballs catch rate in sword and shield is lower on average but they have been a defining item in every Pokemon game so far and Pokemon Sword and Shield are no different. Serena caught an Eevee in A Frolicking Find in the Flowers!. Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Missingno. Head right and go onto the pier next to the entrance. Catch Rate: 15 Level Gain Rate: Medium Fast: Base Reward EXP: 510 Reward EV Point: SpAttack: 3 Giga Eevee in game: 16 Who? If you had stones for the Eevee you have you can fill up your Pokedex by using stones on them. In Mystery on a Deserted Island!, three Eevee befriended Ash, his friends, Alexa, and their Pokémon after Pikachu rescued them from a Nidoking. An Eevee appeared in a fantasy in the Fortune Teller book in The Fortune Hunters. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Catch Rate: 45 5.88% 8.81% 11.75% 29.38% (Only on first turn!) 2020-08-19: Added the missing;quest and ;event commands! ", "It helped me because I have a moon stone, which will help me evolve it to Umbron. 1'00" 0.3 m Eevee: 0'0" 0 m Partner Eevee: 0'0" 0 m {{{form3}}} 0'0" 0 m {{{form4}}} Weight. In The Rivalry Revival, Gary has an Eevee, which defeated Ash's Pikachu in battle. An Eevee appeared in the ending credits of Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution, under the ownership of a mother and daughter. It evolves from Eevee during the day, while holding a(n) Mist Stone. This is calculated based on Eevee's catch rate, as well as the different possible ball modifiers, health levels, and status condition modifiers. 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