Type Laboratory Permit ---> Go down the stairs ---> Walk North to get out. 16) Test Tube (again): Use the Laboratory Permit and a stair leading down will appeared on the floor. Lighthalzen City Location Guide. 67% Upvoted. You put the two sticks end to end and got a Long Stick.3) Bed (again): Look Below the bed again, use the Long Stick to pull out the object you previously can't reach (type 'Long Stick' in the text box). At this time, you will be asked to input 9 numbers into the panel. Your character now has access to the Biolabs Dungeon through the Sewage Pipe (311,302). Out of the sewer, you will find yourself at the top right corner of Lighthalzen. use someone else Laboratory Permit. × if yes, how po? Find the Weird Old Man @navi lighthalzen 342/290 and choose Talk with him. อง Juno มาŕ¸�ŕą�อน ŕą�ห้ŕą�ช้บริŕ¸�ารวาปของ Kafra. Warps in each room might also be randomized so memory will not be useful here. Step 2 Once back in the “nice parts” of Lighthalzen, head off to find a guy called Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210]. Display as a link instead, × Lighthalzen City can be accessed via Einbroch Field found in the Juno region. i'm a newbie, and i would like to ask if accessible po ba ang lighthalzen? At this time, you will be asked to input 9 numbers into the panel. (It's best to type the name of the item exactly as the NPC refer it to. Take the set of numbers you obtained from behind the picture, enter it one by one into the panel. Just keep talking to him and eventually you can sneak in while he fall asleep on duty. Member. Inside the Yuno Airship Terminal, you have a choice to take Airship 1 (above) or Airship 2 (this one). × For the Cube hole insert the Cube Model. 2. You will get a Jackknife.9) Picture: Use the Jackknife on the picture, you will see a set of number behind the picture. Go to Lighthalzen City (@warp lighthalzen) or use warper NPC.Lighthalzen, The City-State of Prosperity Bio Lab Entrance Quest Step 1. All you have to do is beg him to tell you the way. You will arrive in the Rekenber Corporation Office, … Nigro Dermatology Reviews, How To Make A Small Water Fountain In Minecraft, Zinus Lorelei 14 Inch Platforma Bed Frame Manual, Rawlings Dynamic Fit Batting Gloves, Canon 5d Mark Iv Cheat Sheet Pdf, Things To Do In Banks Peninsula, " />
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