These index don’t take much time. One thing you will need though, any "**** Sheets" they provide. When I took my GCFA my books were four years out of date so I took in my course books, some cheat sheets (log2timeline etc. SEC504 will prepare you to turn the tables on computer attackers. Start studying SANS 504. It was way over my head but I had a great time and learned a ton. Excellent post and thank you for taking the time. I passed both, but wish I had scored higher. The best advice I ever heard was from Eric Cole. The next day he showed me a copy of his GSEC index and I was impressed. I really wanted to prepare for my GCIH exam the right way so while I was at the conference I asked several individuals how they prepared their index. Password Cracking: protect from unauthorized disclosure, modification, removal Page 5-52 a. I only took one GIAC exam, and that was the GSEC. A few months after my GCFA exam I got an opportunity to attend a SANS SEC 504 class. For the first course, I relied more on SANS index and barely made any edits. �O�;��NW���o����H{c>��w�q��͗�����_{ Y���H�w|�_��~�����hzo/����!��8�W\���sL���>�W$b�*����>P��Z��PHV�i=���ď�}~�%����;�42�|�{��b��%�w���1���G���ץ��Ȋ]��a����k������9��3��q��ӏ��3iB��I�g��B���!|�'�d"(t�_/B��0� J$�H�q��Q��gB�h��R^��b�Br�@��J�,$��. The Content didn’t span more than 5 pages worth of info, otherwise it would be too general. GCIH already breaks it down. Hello all... long time reader, first time poster. Just passed GCFA with a nice 85%, never went below 73% but that was still a stressful test. x��ZmS�H�N�a>�[g��hF��u@`� I��m��r��|1��E[����ћmIl��,�5u��Ow���t����)?�J"���~:�e,"C�b!c?5Z������;�J}�A,vw/ww�N����Cqy�w�? bk just means book since there are six of them. If they mention a functionality and then listed 7 tools, all 7 tools went into this section. He said that whatever course/book you’re going to use to study (I used the SANS 414 and Eric Conrad’s book) go through that then instead of spending time studying other resources start doing as many practice exams as you can. Too bad I can’t attach the index here as an example. Pingback: Has anyone taken GMON exam yet? I’ve got my SANS 560 coming up, first SANS training I’ll be attending, so this is mighty helpful. After extensive formatting, i used this as the basis for my test index. Great advice too. I don’t distribute them because (in addition to the you’re far better off creating your own factor) the material is constantly being revised so they would be out of date. When someone fails, they always say they ran out of time. I also recommend a short tools index, took cheat sheets, misc for quick wins on answers. If you need a 50 page index for a course like this then you’re doing something wrong, like maybe not reading the books before hand. Matt, The structure of the material in 504 makes it really easy to look stuff up. I disagree. I go straight into excel and type in any entries as I go through each book page by page and ask myself if I understand the concept good enough to explain it to someone else. The tool index is huge as it turns any tools based questions into freebies. Computer security is a field where things change daily. Thank you for the kind words. I have linked as many as I am aware of below. If you understand the concept, find the detail with concept index. How To Get Bantam Guar Pet Eso, How To Apply Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Blonde, Museo Soumaya Hours, Ronald Wayne Net Worth, Realistic Face Clipart, Reviews Of Samsung Ne59n6630ss, Live Oak Tree Propagation, Ge Stainless Steel Gas Stove, Ragnarok Milk Quest, " />
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