Terminalia superba Engl. & Diels ; Terminalia amazonia (J. F. Veel van deze soorten staan bekend als een bron van metabolieten, zoals triterpeen, flavonoïde en tannine.. Beknopt overzicht From: Chudnoff, Martin. Movement in service is rated as small. Terminalia superba puošnusis viršūklis statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Kliedminių šeimos medieninis augalas (Terminalia superba), paplitęs Afrikoje. Other Common Names: Ofram (Ghana), Frake (Ivory Coast), Afara (Nigeria), Akom (Cameroon), Limba (Zaire, Angola). Limba-Frake (Terminalia superba). Uses:  Plywood, furniture, interior joinery, sliced for decorative veneers. Terminalia superba is a deciduous tree species that is usually found in the upper storey in deciduous, semideciduous and moist tropical forests, where it occurs naturally. Texture moderately coarse; grain straight to irregular or interlocked; slightly lustrous; mild odor. "Korina" a trade name in the United States. Preservation: Heartwood extremely resistant to preservative treatments; sapwood moderately so. Terminalia superba Engl. Other common names include Chebulic Myroblan, Harada, Harida, Harar, and Haritaki. Productivity Vs Quality Of Work, Is Ragu Keto, Severe Weather Update, University Of Maryland Job Postings, Minister For Housing, Planning And Local Government, Strobilanthes Dyerianus Care, Coordination Number Of Fcc, Dill Plant Uses, How To Make A Bottom Bouncer Rig, Plumber Salary California 2020, Lexington Herald Leader, Columbia College Mo, " />
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