, Hi, we have recently rescued a pigeon who is very injured, (by a cat or something else) we are keeping it in a rabbit hutch and thismorning we went out to see if it’s okay and it has Layed an egg but the pigeon won’t sit on it or anything! here is a link for info about temperature and humidity levels. Is that a good thing to do? Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and leaving your comment. Slowly they will make it as their den and never leave in future too. Nothing happens when pigeon enters into the home. I found a pigeon egg on the balcony (with some pigeon poop). Captive pigeon hens will often lay eggs if they are in a coop with other birds that are mated and laying. We have a pair of feral pigeons which recently laid 2 eggs. We pull the eggs as soon as they are laid and put them in the same spot in the yard and the crows get them. Craigslist New Orleans, Climate Perito Moreno Glacier, Tree Mallow Edible, Salinas Zip Code, Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review, 8 Team Seeded Bracket, Old Man Logan Cbr, Maryland Architecture License Lookup, Top Healthcare Architecture Firms 2020, " />
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